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Decarbonize your supply chain!

Learn how the operators of the FreeMove Alliance, such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telia and TIM use renewable energy as a strategic investment to provide cost and risk benefits across the entire supply chain while also creating a greener future.

This whitepaper is based on an in-depth analysis and best practices from 25 countries. You will find a selection of case studies on how to leveraging renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions to drive supply chain innovation. 

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What you will learn?


100% Renewable Energy

How Telia Company achieved to run their own operations with 100% renewable energy.


Climate-neutral Value Chain

How Deutsche Telekom will go climate-neutral for its own emissions by 2025 and in their entire value chain by 2040


First ISO50001 Operator

How Turkcell became the first ISO50001 certified mobile operator and aims to meet 100% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.


GHG Protocol

How the Green House Gas Protocol helps organisations, including businesses and government, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


FreeMove Alliance

We are committed to create a greener future

The FreeMove Alliance’s operators have made significant commitments to environmental responsibility with initiatives around emission reduction, equipment recycling, and climate-neutral operations. The significantly improved technical efficiency of 5G networks, along with the innovative applications the technology makes possible, will have a strong positive impact.


Download the whitepaper


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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

This whitepaper examines the importance of effective supply chain management, and how the operators of the FreeMove Alliance are working closely with their partners to take a responsible and accountable position in all the activities in which they are involved.

Device Recycling and E-waste Management

Read a selection of case studies and best practices on handset, and e-waste management and learn how the operators of the FreeMove Alliance manage to achieve sustainable Supply Chain Management in a Circular Economy.

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The Alliance of the best-in-class and most environmental friendly mobile operators

As a world-leading Alliance since 2003, we provide clients with a mobile connectivity hub that spans over a hundred countries, enabling multinational corporations to rely on the best mobile networks wherever they do business. Our mission is to promote the power of global mobility by enabling collaboration between multinational companies and national operators. We help leading multinationals with presence in Europe to optimize their investment in mobile connectivity with global access to the most reliable networks through a central point of management.